Giving Back to the Community

It is so important to us that we help contribute to a beautiful world in any way that we can. I always had a vision of starting a business that donated a portion of the profits each month to a different charity, and here we are!

On the first of each month I'll be sharing on our Instagram account which charity will be featured that month, that way everyone knows where a portion of their money will be going if any purchases are made that month. Ten percent of profits from all sales that month will go to that specific charity. At the end of the month I'll announce just how much was able to be donated, also. The next month will be a different charity, and so on.

I have a list of charities that I've researched and that mean a lot to me that I'm starting with, but if you have a charity that is close to your heart that you'd love to see as the spotlight charity some month then please send me an email at so I can put it into my lineup of featured charities.